Little Bird's Dad

“Even one voice can be heard loudly all over the world in this day and age.”

Little Bird’s Dad is building a new nest.

Bird Nest Silhouette

©2013, Little Birds Dad

A new nest for the blog – not the flock.

Well, at least not yet.  🙂

Why I Haven’t Been Posting.

I haven’t written in a while, and there are 2 reasons for that.

First, I’m growing my law firm from a solo practice to a national firm, and using my legal blog as the platform to do this.

I’n the last 3 months, I’ve written 5 new eBooks, 3-5 blog posts a week, 1-2 guest posts per month on national legal and industry websites,  redesigned the whole law firm website, added 3 new employees, and so much more.  

Bottom line: I ran out of time to write here.

Second, I’ve decided to change things up at the Little Bird’s Dad Blog.  It started as an outlet for my thoughts after we had a new baby that we learned was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  

Over the past year, the Voice of this Blog began to head in a direction that wasn’t enjoyable to me.

Changes Coming to the Little Bird’s Dad Blog.

I’m going to make some changes so that this blog is more enjoyable to me, and at the same time provide the kind of experience that y’all – my followers – have told me you like.

What does that mean?  I don’t have a clear Vision, yet.  But it’s getting there – come along for the ride and see the transition.

I’ll be launching the redesigned website by 12/21/2013.

The web address will be the same: and most of you won’t see any noticeable change.

Please subscribe to the new site so I don’t lose you as a follower.

If you want to keep — or start — subscribing to my blog via email, here’s the easiest way to ensure that you continue to get the Little Bird’s Dad Blog by email:

1. Go to the Little Bird’s Dad Facebook Page.

2. Click on ORANGE “email” icon.

3. Add your name and email address.

4. Check your email for an email asking you to confirm it was you that signed up.

5. While you are on the Little Bird Dad Facebook page, why don’t you “like” it, and get notifications of all sorts in your Facebook Newsfeed?

Once the new site launches, you’ll be able to sign up to get the blog by email directly on the site, but I want to give my current followers time to get signed up before the switch.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT holiday season, and we’ll see you with a new site, new material, and new artwork, on 12/21/2013.


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