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Support a Worthy Veterans Cause: Heroes on the Water.


A friend of mine is married to an Army Veteran, who served multiple tours in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. He lost his legs in combat, and came home a shell of the man that he was before he left.

My friend talked her husband to going to a kayak fishing event sponsored by “Heroes on the Water”, and after that one day, she said she “Got her husband back”.

Heroes on the Water is a national non-profit organization that helps Combat Veterans recover from their Post Traumatic Stress. The Veterans spend a day on a lake or river, kayaking and fishing, and talking with other Vets who are in the “same boat”.

Their results have been amazing. I spoke with a member of the National Board of Directors for Heroes on the Water, and he told me that medical professionals are looking into what they do with Vets – not as treatment for PTS (Post Traumatic Stress), but as a cure for it.

To support this great organization, for every pack of Little Bird Notecards purchased between 7/12/2013 and 7/18/2013, (Regular Price is $12.95 for a pack of 7 notecards and envelopes) I will contribute $5 to Heroes on the Water.

Or, go to Heroes on the Water and contribute directly. You can not find a more worthy Veterans’ Organization to support.

Click here to visit the Little Birds Dad Store on Facebook, and purchase a pack of notecards.

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