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Little Bird's Dad Weekly RoundupThe Little Bird’s Dad Blog covers a pretty broad range of topics.  I talk about Down Syndrome, life as a father and step-father, becoming a vegetarian & easy vegetarian meals, random opinions, and post weekly quotes.

To post on such a broad range of topics, I draw inspiration and ideas from all around the blogosphere – not just Down Syndrome blogs. While combing the blogosphere, I come across some pretty interesting blogs and posts out there.

Some are new bloggers, A-List bloggers that you might not have seen, and up-and-coming “B-List Bloggers”.

Each Friday, I’ll send out an email with links to the 8 posts or blogs I read in the past week, and which I found to be inspiring, thought-provoking, unique, silly, or otherwise worth sharing.

The Friday Link Round-up will be as diverse as the posts on this site.  But here’s the deal – you won’t get the Friday Link Round-up unless you sign up for it.

Click here to get the  Friday Link Round-up by eMail.

If you find any blogs that I should consider for the Weekly Roundup – or blogs that I should follow – just fill out this form and tell me why you think it should be included.


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Each week, I add a new quote. This week's quote is by Aung San Suu Kyi. Click on the photo to read about this powerful activist in Wikipedia.

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