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Little Bird Store Open.

LB20130218(balloons3)To help cover some of the costs of hosting this blog, and to start building Little Bird’s College Fund, I’ve opened an online store. Here’s the link:

What I’m Offering in the Store.

For now, I’m just offering A2 size notecards with select sketches from the Little Bird Dad Blog. (A2 cards are 4.25″ x 5.5″).  The cards have a blank inside, so you can write your own message.  The package is 7 cards and 7 envelopes, sealed in a plastic pouch.

Momma Bird is using them for notes to her friends, thank-you notes, etc.

For now, I have notecards with the  image at the top of this post.

Will You Offer More Stuff?

Sure.  If there are other sketches or doodles that you’d like to see on a notecard, or any other products, let me know by sending me an email to dad at littlebirdsdad dot com.

How Much do They Cost?

Regular price is going to be $12.95 for a packet of 7 cards/envelopes.

For the first week (May 29, 2013 – June 5, 2013), get a 25% discount and get a package for $9.95 (not including Shipping via First Class Mail, which is $1.70 for First Class Mail…also, if you live in Texas, I have to charge you 6.25% sales tax…that’s about 62 cents).

What E-Commerce Software did you use?

I used the Big Cartel platform because it was easy to setup, free for the first 5 products, and allows me to accept Paypal.  They offer a  Facebook Store Plug in, so now you can order from the store on Little Bird’s Dad Facebook Page. I love the 21st Century!!

[I tried using Volusion … but talk about a nightmare to set up.  Sheesh – small stores beware, after 45 days, 2 visits to the bank, 25+ emails, countless auto-mated voicemail messages selling me crap, and ridiculously unnecessary communication, I still had no store-front set up.  Based on the emails I was getting, Volusion wanted me to sign up for a credit card payment gateway, which I have learned through my law firm is a HUGE money-pit. Thanks, but no thanks to Volusion].

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